Meet our Speakers
Cisco, Russia

Alena Lifar

Alena is a Software Engineer in Cisco. For the past 2 years she has been working on a Digital Data Protection project as a core developer. Working in a relatively small team, Alena believes that DevOps is a glue that brings different components of an architecture together.


Testing and Deploying Microservices using Travis, Docker, AWS

Any distributed architecture requires having components that are strongly decoupled. How to develop and support a robust, flexible and fast to build system while having limited resources? The answer is to build a robust and flexible environment that helps coders deliver quicker. This talk will describe our team’s approach in DevOps value of which has grown as the project evolved. Starting from the point 0 I will go from the challenges we faced to the real decisions we made. Demonstration will include Travis CI configuration, Docker, AWS and Python Wheels examples as a platform for building a continuous integration and deployment that can be easily adopted.