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Carlos León

The future is now: join the DevOps revolution!

Michiel Rook

The Road to Continuous Deployment: a case study

Will Foster

Skynet your Infrastructure with QUADS

Julian Fischer

Beyond 1001 Dedicated Data Service Instances

Gil Tayar

How to Build a Micro-services Infrastructure In 7 Days

Anton Weiss

Respect the Pact: Consumer-Driven Contracts and Organizational Communication

Alena Lifar

Testing and Deploying Microservices using Travis, Docker, AWS

Kayra Otaner

Security with Docker: HoneyPots as an environment

Vahtang Badzhadze &
Dmitry Zarubin

One of DevOps’ Teams History

Blerim Sheqa

Continuous Monitoring

Vadim Efimov

Planning automation: continuous delivery with dependencies, approvals and conflict resolution

Mustafa Toroman

Introduction to Azure DevTest Lab

Jon Arne Sæterås

What DevOps need to know about mobile

Kirill Vetchinkin

Continuous delivery. Net Core applications and infrastructure in a Linux OS

Anton Kholodkov

Why do startups need a cloud?

Armagan Amcalar

Mindset, infrastructural and organizational changes to adapt to microservices

Matteo Figus

OpenComponents as microservices in the front-end world

Andrey Smirnov &
Dmitry Krasilnikov

Continuous Integration at Scale

Ignat Korchagin

Managing server secrets at scale with a vaultless password manager

Francesco Vivoli

From concept to adoption – the maze of organizational readiness for Big Data solutions

Giuseppe D’Alessio

DevOps at ING Analytics: combining data engineering with data operations

Ivan Evtukhovich

Why tools are not enough for DevOps?

Felice Pescatore

Disciplined DevOps

Slava Chernikoff

Painless Mobile DevOps for iOS and Android