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Authority Partners, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mustafa Toroman

Works as Senior System Engineer with Authority Partners. Main tasks are planning, deploying and maintenance of server and cloud infrastructure and solutions. Lately most interested and focused on Azure solutions. Over 30 MS certificates such as MCITP: Database Administrator 2008, Server Administrator on Windows Server 2008 MCSA:Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2012 MCSE:Private Cloud, Business Intelligence, Data Platform, Server Infrastructure,Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, Data Management and Anayltics, MCSD: Azure Solution Architect. MCT since 2012 and Microsoft MVP for last 2 years.


Introduction to Azure DevTest Lab

In modern development, applications and environment are changing often. Monitoring, changing and syncing development, test and production environment can take lot of effort and can cause delays in process. This can also cause resource duplicates that aren’t in use for ages.
But if we add cloud in this mix, things tend to be even more complicated. These duplicates can cause serious issues, especially when we look at finance side. Duplicates resource can cause additional billing and this is unacceptable if resources are not in use.
Azure DevTest Lab is answer to these problems and can help you to control your cloud environment. In this session we will discuss how to use Azure DevTest Lab to control environment, create lab, templates and artifacts and use it to quickly create new environment, and how to use it to control cost.





Date: November 15
Time: 10:00–16:00
Venue: Deworkacy, Red October
Language: English

Azure for Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery is on of pillar stones of DevOps but can be very challenging. Luckily, Microsoft Azure has perfect tools to make it work. Azure resources can be deployed and configured using ARM templates, PowerShell, PowerShell DSC and many more tools. Mixing these tools allows us great control and automation of processes. Also, Microsoft is only cloud provider that enabled deployment possible across private/hybrid/public cloud with their Azure/Azure Stack offering that helps us use same tools and processes no matter where we develop and deploy.
We will discuss tools and processes that will allow us to deploy new resources for development/test/production with automation, control and quality.
In this workshop, we will talk about:
• creating continuous delivery and creating dev/test/production environment using Infrastructure as a Code and how to use ARM, PowerShell and PowerShell DSC to create environment, automate and control process and security.
• How to use Azure DevTest Lab to enable control and security over your dev/test environment and how to use it for cost control
• Using Infrastructure as a Code for continuous delivery from on-prem to cloud with Azure and Azure Stack offering
• Docker,Chef,Puppet and other tools and how to get continuous delivery with them on Azure
Workshop will focus on infrastructure, resources and environment.