Meet our Speakers
Express 42, Russia

Yury Ignatov

As a senior engineer at Express42, Yury develops and implements solutions for the continuous delivery in the enterprise. He assists with the adoption of key DevOps practices and gives lectures and trainings on automation and configuration management.





Date: November 15
Time: 10:00–16:00
Venue: Deworkacy, Red October
Language: Russian

Configuration management with Ansible

The problems the Configuration Management (CM) tools aim to solve. When and when not to use CM tools. The Ansible basics: playbooks, roles, modules, variables, hosts and groups (inventory), tags. Idempotence and repeatability, YAML syntax.

Practice: Set up your workstation for work with Ansible.

Infrastructure as a Code

Describing infrastructure in code. The different ways of running Ansible. Ansible integration with popular cloud providers.

Practice: learn how to use Ansible modules, variables, templates, roles and groups of hosts.

Configuration management data

How to manage configuration management data. Configuration management of different environments, hosts and groups of hosts, variable precedence.  How to work with secrets using Ansible vault.

Practice: manage configuration of a three-tier service (web-server, application server, database) using Ansible.

Configuration management workflow when working with Ansible.

How your workflow should look like when managing configuration with Ansible. Ansible Galaxy and work with community roles. Best practices of  managing dependencies inside the configuration code, testing your configuration code and problem resolution when configuration code fails.

Practice: integrate your application with a monitoring system.


  • Must have a laptop with OSX or Linux OS with your preferred text editor installed
  • Should know the basics of Linux OS
  • Experience with a version control system Git will be helpful